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There are many flavors and ingredients typical of Como cuisine, the first of which is polenta. Born from the peasant tradition and is prepared with corn flour is now raised to the forefront of refined recipes, and can be served with meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables.

Meat is also an important product in the gastronomy of Como: the cured meats of Brianza are famous, certified by the DOP mark and the luganighetta, but also poultry, rabbits, deer, roe deer and birds, cooked mainly in cold cuts. Meat and sausage, accompanied by vegetables, are also used to prepare the typical dick

Among the cheeses you can not think of zincarlino, spicy ricotta seasoned with oil and pepper, goat cheeses from Valsassina, Taleggio raw pasta and the aromatic Quartirolo Lombardo.

Taleggio cheese. Credits

The waters of the lake and streams offer different varieties of fish including agons, which are salted, dried in the open air and pressed to obtain the famous missoltini.

Missoltini. Credits by DonnaD,it
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Among the desserts we remember the cutizza, a sort of focaccia that can be enriched with sugar and eggs, and the paradel, tasty fruit pancakes. From the Ossuccio basin comes the extra virgin olive oil Laghi Lombardi, with geographical indication Lario: the temperate microclimate characteristic of the shores of the lake favors the cultivation of olives.

From the oenological point of view, the IGT Terre Lariane was recognized in 2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry on the basis of a specification that provides as an area of production of grapes the territories of Como and Lecco. The “Domasino” (term used in ancient times to refer to wines from the area above the municipality of Domaso) is now rich in terraced vineyards, exposed to the temperate and windy climate of the western shore of the lake, where grapes of unique quality and value are produced.

Like the white Verdesa, an ancient local grape replanted, the Rosseia, but also the more international Merlot and Sangiovese.

From these grapes are born the Domasino Bianco IGT Terre Lariane, fresh and floral, and the Domasino Rosso IGT Terre Lariane, with a pleasant fragrance of red fruit. 

These and many others are the delicious delicacies that you can enjoy visiting Lake Como. Another reason to visit us!