From November 23rd in Como began the most awaited event of the season. The lights of the city of toys turned on.

Starting from the inauguration of Piazza Como last Sunday, it will continue over the next weekend with the lights around the rest of the city. 

It began with the Magic Light Festival, the festival of Christmas lights that is the flagship of the event and that dresses the city in a shimmering dress, fairytale and unforgettable. In fact, the luminous projections are the real protagonists of the City of Toys. Dozens of luminous animations projected on buildings and monuments.

An event certainly not to be missed that can enchant young and old. 

Visitors can then stroll through the markets of the center and have fun on the ice rink in Cavour Square or go to discover the cribs from the most remote points of the globe, on display for the occasion. The magic and charm of the La Città Dei Balocchi, now past the fourth century, does not hint to diminish and what in the beginning could be an event for children, today is a feast for all. A festival that, in addition to the activities already very much appreciated by visitors, offers new, magical cultural, educational, artistic and entertainment experiences.

The central theme of this year is eco-sustainability. The slogan that invites you to love our planet contains a series of events and initiatives that give fundamental importance to environmental issues, given the particularly significant historical moment. In fact, the entire event has used new technologies that provide a very low consumption for lighting and in addition have been included in the program several events and educational workshops in line with the theme.


Como ruota panoramica dei giardini a lago nell’ambito della Città dei Balocchi

Christmas in uniform with the forces of law and order, music in the squares, the Ferris wheel, the Joust of the 700 and some new features such as treasure hunts and the baptism of the saddle, and more and more surprises that will accompany visitors to the usual highlights: the arrival of Santa Claus and the Epiphany with thousands of gifts for children and fireworks organized for New Year’s Eve on the lake. And again, a lot of space for solidarity. Because Christmas must give everyone a smile.

The magic of Como Città dei Balocchi extends to Lake Como, transformed into the “most beautiful nativity scene in the world” thanks to an “enlightened” itinerary, a route that gradually reveals itself to the traveller while keeping the tension and sense of surprise high. From 29 November 2019 to 6 January 2020 Lake Como Christmas Light will illuminate the architectural wonders placed in strategic panoramic positions on the lake, with the technique of the artistic structure, in ideal continuity with the Magic Light Festival of Como La città dei Balocchi.

The calendar and updates are available on the Facebook page ” La città dei Balocchi” and on the site as well as all the information to reach Como by public transport or use the car parks to avoid things and traffic.

But for a personalized tour contact us so you can spend some magical Christmas holidays.